Reducing margin risk is only part of the story.

As an executive, profitability is a major concern. You balance the need to create revenue and protect margins. You are focused on investing and growing the business. Mitigating risk in grain merchandising will improve your bottom line.

How can we help your business?

You handle 50 calls a day from growers. We can help.

As a Grain Merchandiser, you've got a lot on your desk. You spend a considerable amount of your day on the phone with growers - negotiating and striking up contracts. As you handle your calls, you have to switch between multiple screens and software systems in order to get "situational awareness".

Once you hang up, you need to ensure that the contract bid sheet makes its way into the accounting system and the hedge desk. During peak season, you can barely keep up with the calls and you fall behind on the paperwork.

We can make all of that go away.

How can you hedge a contract that you won't know about until tomorrow?

You run a centralized hedge desk for your organization's grain origination operations. Merchandisers across multiple sites are taking calls from growers and making verbal price commitments. How long before you enter your contracts in your accounting system? Now the company has assumed all the risk. What if the markets have moved in the meantime?

 A profitable contract could have turned unprofitable and you may not even know!

Return on investment

RAPIDS delivers returns quickly because of its simplicity. It doesn't require your teams to change the way they interact with  customers, just the tool they use to create transactions. RAPIDS expands your traders' and merchandisers' capabilities, while they create and manage contracts from multiple devices from anywhere they can access the Internet.

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Regional Meeting - Fort Worth Texas - May 9-10

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